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About Us.......Toss It! Mini Bins and Dumpsters

Bin You can call us when a huge 20 or 30 yard dumpster is just too much. We will provide you with a 9 or 12 yard mini dumpster that can save you space and dollars while solving your junk disposal needs.

We provide downsized dumpsters appropriate for many routine home improvements, cleaning, and remodeling projects.

Our professionally maintained and attractive dumpsters are never an eyesore.

Toss It! Trucks are small and maneuverable, and can set your waste container right where you need it. We place boards down to protect your driveway surface, then our small trucks use a unique lift system that gently places your dumpster onto the boards.

The Advantages of Using Driveway Dumpsters :

  • Our downsized, 9 and 12 cubic yard boxes are less expensive.

  • Your dumpster can be onsite within one to two days of your call.

  • Toss It! is fully insured.

  • Smaller Bins are efficient, and capable: great for jobs up to three tons.

  • Our customer service is second to none.

  • Toss It provides a professional service from the first phone call until your job is complete.

  • Assistance for loading heavier items is available at delivery at your request.

  • Our smaller trucks and dumpsters can negotiate alleys and driveways, setting the box closer to your cleanup for easier
      trash removal

  • Projects for which Driveway Dumpsters are used include:

  • Disposal of excess trash, garbage, rubbish, old appliances, and unwanted furniture.

  • Removal of trash and waste from kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

  • Hauling away trash from do-it-yourself projects.

  • Yard waste, including disposal of brush, trees, stumps, leaves, and grass.

  • House clean-outs: debris and trash removal for real estate agents and landlords, when tenants leave a mess.

  • Removing unwanted materials from estates for sale.

  • Cleanup of small construction, demolition, and remodeling projects.

  • House, shed, attic, and garage cleanups.

  • Debris from the tear down of old decks and sheds.

  • Clean up of house or property to prepare it for sale.

  • Toss It! Mini Bins and Dumpsters, LLC is owned and operated by Jay and Kathy Gwaltney